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Hi! My name is Mariah. Mom said I could write my own page. She said This could be my own personal diary. I'm just getting started and it is really hard for me to type because I am only 11 weeks old. So please be patient, I'll do the best I can.

Monday May 11,1998

So, it's been about 3 weeks since my new Human moms came to my first house. They spent a lot of time playing with me and my 8 brothers and sisters in the yard. They played with my real mom too. Then they spent a lot of time talking to my first Human mom. I didn't know what all the talking was about, but they sure did talk a long time!!! Then my new moms picked me up and put me in their car. We went for a long ride. I didn't like the car. I felt sick to my stomach. The mom that wasn't driving the car held me on her lap and kept telling me I was a good girl and we would be home soon.


When the car stopped, we got out and went into the house that I live in now. There were a whole bunch of other dogs in the house, but I didn't recognize any of them. They all were nice to me, especially Jamie. They say he is not much older than me, he sure is bigger than me!!!

Mariah and Jamie

I think Jamie likes me!! I like him!!! In the last three weeks, we all have gone for a whole lot of rides in the car. I don't mind riding in the car any more. A couple of days ago, we all went to this big field. Jazzy and Jamie got to go in this fenced in yard and run around after some big furry white animals. Mom called them sheep I think. Jazzy had a lot of fun chasing the sheep, but Jamie didn't like it too much. I think I would like to try playing with sheep when I get big. Well I think I am settling in here in my new home. Everybody is so nice to me and the food is great!!! Moms keep telling me I am going to go to a thing called a "Puppy Match" next weekend. I don't know what that is, but they say I am going to have fun, and they are very excited about it!!! I'll let you know if it is as much fun as they say!!!

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