The versatile Collie! It has been at home in the fields herding sheep as well as residing at the White House. The breed is known as a loving and loyal family protector having been recognized as Hero Dog many times. The Collie has been a television and movie star with Lassie performing intelligent and resourceful tasks to safeguard his master Timmy. Albert Payson Terhune has attracted many fanciers to the breed through his beautifully written and moving accounts of the Collie in such tales as Lad, A Dog. The Collie breed comes in two varieties and four colors--the Rough Collie with the longer coat (hair) and the Smooth Collie with the shorter, coarser coat. The four colors recognized in the official American Kennel Club standard of the breed are: Sable and white, tricolor, blue merle, and the white. The sable (brown) coloring can vary from a very pale wheat color to a dark mahogany. The tricolor is primarily black with some sable markings (on the muzzle, eyebrows, and legs.) The blue merle is a marbled pattern of gray and black coat and will have the same sable markings as the tricolor. The white Collie's body will be predominantly white with sable, tricolor or blue markings. Coloring and markings are not a consideration in the show ring and should have no bearing on the value of a dog. The Collie is successful in the conformation show ring, obedience ring, agility competition, in herding and acting as a service dog for the physically challenged.

The Collie Standard

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